Brands & Clients


I've been fortunate enough to work with some really cool Brands & Clients. See here.


The Butcher's Daughter


I juggle multiple roles at The Butcher's Daughter. Social Media Manager, Website Designer, Menu Designer and Events Coordinator. Responsible for ensuring that a consistent aesthetic direction is evident in every tangible expression of the brand from restaurant design to signage and uniforms. Involved in all aspects of the design process from conceptualization, planning, sourcing, budgeting, and implementation.


Key Achievements:

  • Illustrator and branding consultant for 3 restaurant locations: Nolita, New York, West Village, New York and Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

  • Grew followers organically by 22,000 in 9 months.

  • Reached 100k followers in 8th month of managing the account.





Responsible for designing digital advertising campaigns for proposals while keeping the client’s goals and brand guidelines in mind (standard banners, rich media, emails, custom high-impact units). Assist company founder in all aspects of her company. Calculated inventory manually, managed email accounts, customer service inquiries and dealt directly with the production company. Packaged, mailed, delivered products to influencers and celebrities. 

Key Achievements:
• Designed Google Banner Ads and Posters.




Effectively managing social strategy across all key platforms. Using my design skills to drive engagement with captivating content. Aimed at maximizing reach, relevance and effectiveness. 

This encompasses utilizing both live Instagram stories and edited/pre-scheduled content Facebook, Instagram and emailing marketing.

In addition to defining best practices and maintaining weekly content calendars, also looked at client-specific activations, partnerships, and content plans to drive buzz and viewership for content and posting priorities.


J. Crew


Worked closely with the Art Directors to design promotional emails for the Women, Men and Crewcut’s kids clothing departments. Emails were sent out daily and translated the printed style guide into digital. Collaborated with copy and research team to increase click-through rates of each email.

Key Achievements:

  • Designed at least 10 mobile responsive emails a week which were sent to thousands of subscribers.




Homewares, Fashion and Accessories

As a window display artist I created captivating, handmade window displays to enhance store experience and appeal. 

Key Achievements:

  • Collaborated with Display Coordinator & Visual Manager with the construction and installation of paintings, drawings, dying paper, sewing and Building of window installations.



Place textiles

Upholstery and Textiles

As a textiles and upholstery assistant, I had various roles. This included creating mood boards for social media, mailing fabric samples to clients nationally and internationally and customer service.

Key Achievements:

  • Tracked statistics to grow a social-rich media approach to successfully interact with the community and gain new clients.