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Smith Made

Mr & Mrs Smith is a unique concept lifestyle store that combines functionality with design and fashion.

With stores in Sydney, Australia we set out to create a lipstick packaging that was not for those who are shy and don’t like attention.

These lip colors would come in rich hues that instantly draw attention. More importantly, it was important for the client that the box indicated in some way that the ingredients were all natural and good for your skin. 

I developed packaging that would express the brand’s values in a clean and bold way.

smith made lipstick

smith made lipstick

SmithMadeLipstickVersionsEDIT_Box 2.jpg
SmithMadeLipstickVersionsEDIT_Box 3.jpg
SmithMadeLipstickVersionsEDIT_Box 4.jpg
SmithMadeLipstickVersionsEDIT_Box 5.jpg